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  • Nassau County Educational Article of the Month - What to do about a squirrel under the porch

What to do about a squirrel under the porch

What to do about a squirrel under the porch

When a squirrel is nesting under the porch, then you should take note that there must be something attracting the animal there. Unlike the attic, the porch should not be difficult for you to handle as regards dealing with Long Island, New York squirrels. There are several reasons by which a Suffolk squirrel can If your porch is partially enclosed for instance, a squirrel may gradually start a colony , especially when you have not access the porch for a very long time.

Squirrels are very intelligent and can be very difficult to trap , but the best time to get rid of a Long Island, New York squirrel under your porch is during the early spring , just before the mother gives birth to her litter, or after the late fall season when the litters are big enough to start life on their own. It can be difficult to relocate a mother squirrel and the litter from your porch at the same time , otherwise the baby squirrel may die. In order to remove a Suffolk squirrel successfully under your porch, you will need materials such as ; battery-operated light, ammonia or a repellent or disinfectant, plastic bag, rags, steel mesh and a sound source, such as a radio.

Simply place the repellent or ammonia-soaked rag under your New York porch, and make sure you place a light source close to the region( this must not contain any wire, otherwise , the squirrel may chew the wire). Make Sure the soaked rag is placed in a punched plastic bag with a hole, to ensure that the rag does not dry out. Place the battery-charged radio is close to the entrance of the hole through which the Suffolk squirrel enters and exit, and the radio must be switched on for more than 48 hours .

The squirrel in the porch needs to be distracted , if you truly want to get rid of it in the safest possible manner. Squirrels are easily irritated by sounds and repellents, and when you combine these two approaches, it will be difficult for the Suffolk squirrel to return to the porch, and before this time, you should have sealed off all entry points to ensure that the animal does not gain access once again. An alternative way of getting rid of a squirrel in your porch is to set a bait , alongside a one-door hinged trap. Since the door is hinged, the animal is automatically trapped when it enters. The bait must be a nut- a food loved by most Long Island, New York squirrels. Once the squirrel is trapped , you can relocate it far from your home or take it to the animal rehabilitation center. Try as much as possible to keep food and other materials that entice squirrels, away from your porch.

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