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  • Nassau County Educational Article of the Month - What is the best bait to trap a rat

What is the best bait to trap a rat

What is the best bait to trap a rat

Baits often make traps more effective in catching Long Island, New York rats, however, you need to choose your baits carefully in order to avoid rats , getting used to eating them without being caught in traps. Common rat traps are normally set with baits such as cheese, bacon and peanut butter, but the best choice will depend on the type of rat you want to catch. Rats prefer to take food from enclosed and safe locations only, thus you will need to protect your bait and trap , otherwise the rats will not move near if the bait is too open. For a bait to be effective, first it must entice the rat to stand on the plate surrounding the bait, and the bait itself must be one that attaches directly to the trap.

The best bait to trap a Suffolk County rat will often depend on the type of rat, most black rats prefer vegetables and fruits mostly, while brown rats eat both plant and animal foods. If you have problems with black rats , it is ideal to use plant-based baits such as peanut butter as a bait. It is also advisable that you stick with the same type of bait over and over again, and the reason being that rats don’t vomit , even if they eat poisonous foods. When you change baits frequently, it becomes ineffective because rats normally eat a little piece of a new bait and leave, however, they can get used to the same bait quickly, until they get trapped.

You also need to stick with one type of bait because, if rat smells a food through the breathe of another Long Island, New York rat, it will likely eat that food. Once a rat picks up a bait, other rats will compete for the bait, therefore the best rat is one that can easily entice other rats. It also means the bait must have an appealing smell to entice other rats to the place where the bait was set. The best bait is also one that can be set on all types of materials, including wood, cardboard and some other items that rats can chew. One of the best ways to set a bait is to place as many of such bait along the route to the trap – this will force the Suffolk County rat to take the same route always until it gets snapped by a trap.

In choosing the best types of bait, you need to consider several other factors such as; the duration of the smell of the bait, the structure and texture of the bait (solid or liquid), and the quantities. Solid baits are far better than liquid baits, and Long Island, New York rats prefer solid or semi-solid structure baits to liquid and semi-liquid baits.

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