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  • Nassau County Educational Article of the Month - What areas can pigeons enter a house through?

What areas can pigeons enter a house through?

What areas can pigeons enter a house through?

Pigeons do have strong bond with human houses, they use it to locate food and shelter and they often feel more comfortable to build nests inside roofs , ceilings and other compartments within a house. There are several areas through which pigeons enter a Suffolk County house, the commonest ones are:

- Opened windows,
- Cracked openings on the walls
- Through abandoned or uncapped chimneys,
- Though nearby trees,
- Window lintels,
- And through opened doors.

Opened windows seem to be one of the commonest areas through which Long Island, New York pigeons can enter a house. Pigeons may monitor opened windows for a while before then eventually enter through. They may hover around the opened window for a while especially when they hear human voices or activities inside and when such noises subside, they make attempt to jump or fly into the Suffolk house until they find a secluded area where they can stay. Though it is difficult for pigeons to build within the interior of a house but when they enter through the roof they find it much easier.

Cracked and un-sealed openings on the wall can also provide an opportunity for Long Island, New York pigeons to enter through the house. Pigeons will normally enter through cracks close to the roof because such openings will eventually help them discover the ceiling. Aside cracks and openings on the walls, Suffolk pigeons can also access a house when the chimney is uncapped. When pigeons enter through uncapped chimneys, they may build nests with their twigs, feathers and droppings and that can increase the chances of fire accidents.

Pigeons can also create nests on nearby trees, in order to gain access to nearby Suffolk County homes. They may use the trees as temporary shelters and the place where they gather twigs, leaves, woods and some other materials they will use in creating a permanent nest inside a home. Just as they use trees as temporary shelters, pigeons can also make use of window lintels and temporary shelters to migrate permanently into homes. Pigeons may use lintels on windows located on upper building floors where they can hardly be noticed, and such places offer an easier access to the roof of the house. Opened doors may also provide access to Long Island, New York pigeons especially when such doors are opened in the evenings. Opened garage and patio doors are usually some of the most popular ways Long Island, New York pigeons gain access into such places and they quickly build their nests when they are not discovered on time.

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